You are invited to attend the Civic Summit 2018, where Civic Trustees and law experts throughout NJ will come together to share their solutions for improving our communities and country.

The Civic Summit 2018 will be even more exciting than ever and will include a Solutions Contest that attendees can participate in for a chance to win money and other prizes. For more information about the contest or to submit a solution click the link below.

How To Enter the Solutions Contest

The Civic Summit will also provide opportunities for citizens to learn how to become problem solvers in their communities.

You will hear from NJ Civic Trustees and policy experts about effective problem solving strategies that can be used to present solutions to your own city government. You will also learn how you can be a part of a national movement that’s building the Civic Infrastructure to support the restoration of service, civility and pragmatism in America’s political culture.

Registration begins at 9am with continental breakfast, and the Civic Summit will begin at 10am. The awards ceremony will take place during the luncheon.

Send in your RSVP today!

Seating is limited. Please schedule this important date on your calendar and send your RSVP right now by clicking the link below.