The Civic Trust is a community of problem solvers that provides the opportunity for all citizens to engage in a new form of Public Service as “Citizen Leaders”. Civic Trusts are successfully operating in several major cities from Newark to Philadelphia, with countrywide expansion now underway. Civic Trustees gather in a No-Blame environment to research and advance practical solutions to better their communities and our Country. They work together under the principles of The Civic Pledge, using the Civic Trust Handbook.

To read the handbook, flip to the back of your copy of Citizen Power, or sign up for free for the Citizen Power Portal and visit the “Citizen Leadership Roles” tab!

The Civic Pledge

I pledge:
  • To leave my community and my country better than I found them
  • To search for solutions instead of simply pointing out problems
  • To work on solutions that are “doable,” that are cost-effective and based on evidence of success
  • To pursue the adoption of solutions with a No-Blame approach

The National Civic Trust

zoom meeting

Is there an issue or problem affecting your city that you’re passionate about, but there’s no Civic Trust in your city yet? Join a community of problem-solvers from across the country, and work together in a No-Blame environment to research and advance solutions.

In monthly online meetings you’ll: 

  1. Have successful practitioners of local government give you advice on strategies for participating in local government problem-solving and decision-making 
  1. Enjoy presentations from top urban policy experts 
  1. Hear success stories from citizen leaders like yourself 
  1. Engage and learn from Civic Trustees from across the country 
  1. Work in breakout sessions with an Issue Committee on a solution you’re passionate about 
  1. Learn about non-elected leadership roles, how you can take one, and how to use it to get things done on issues you care about 

In the National Civic Trust, we’ll be following the 10 Steps of No-Blame Problem Solving to advance solutions. Haven’t learned them yet, or want a refresher? Sign up for our free online training and take it at your own pace – you’ll earn a Certificate of Training in Leadership and No-Blame Problem Solving! You may also be able to sign up to earn a certificate through a local college or university’s continuing education program.

See how Civic Trustees are working to transform their city in Newark, NJ:

Civic Trustees

Civic Trustees have an impressive track record finding solutions to problems in their own cities and towns. Learn how they do it and become a citizen leader in yours. All it takes is caring about your community and the desire to seek practical solutions instead of pointing fingers and assigning blame. Training is free. Your commitment to service is enough.

The Qualities of Civic Trusteeship

Leadership is demonstrated in many ways. You don’t need to hold office or run a company to be considered a leader. Civic Trustees are leaders in their community who have been successful in helping other people to accomplish a goal. This sort of leadership can come from coaching or captaining a team, starting a club, or managing a community project. There is no one way to lead, so please share your unique experience with us.

Civic Trustees have a special relationship with their city. Whether you live, work, or attend school there, all Civic Trustees share a passion and commitment to making their city stronger than it is today.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope to hear your pragmatic solutions for your City as a Civic Trustee.