Join us in our mission to leave our communities and our country better than we found them. Together, we can change our political culture to focus on solutions with a No-Blame approach.

There’s no cost or required meetings in the Citizen Leadership Service, but lots of benefits. Here’s just a few:

  • Access to a powerful community of principled leaders with shared values
  • Admission to the online Coach’s Corner for advice on citizen leadership roles you may be interested in, and support in advancing your chosen solution
  • Access to the National Solutions Sharing Platform, a menu of successful solutions for you to use, and the opportunity to add your own solution so that others can propose it for national impact
  • Advice from the experts on our Law and Policy Task Force on adapting and presenting a solution for use in your city
  • Access to new Citizen Power Tools, like our upcoming online Citizen Power game
  • Admission to the annual national celebration of service


For more information about the Civic Trusts or to apply to become a Civic Trustee, click here!

Become a member of the Citizen Leadership Service

  • I pledge to leave my community and my country better than I found them, to search for solutions instead of simply pointing out problems and assigning blame, and to work on solutions that are cost-effective and based on evidence of success
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