Power Civics for HS: Overview

The Power Civics High School Edition is a 10-hour curriculum component designed for inclusion in mandatory American History/Social Studies courses for all high school students.

New citizen rights enacted at the onset of the 21st century, coupled with technological advances, give citizens the power to participate in their city governments’ problem solving and decision-making processes. Teaching students where and how they can bring their solutions to bear and have positive impact in their communities, and how they can share their solutions with other cities across the country, enhances civic engagement and affords a more powerful and more compelling approach to civics education.

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Power Civics Toolkit

Download a copy of the Power Civics Toolkit: High School Edition

Citizen Power & The Art of No-Blame Problem Solving

Citizen Power & The Art of No-Blame Problem Solving provides basic training in the use of 21st century citizen powers. This 21st Century Citizens Manual contains a proven step-by-step guide for No-Blame problem solving that incorporates the strategies and tactics of highly successful practitioners who have navigated the maze of city and school district government. Citizens who have used this guide have passed over 300 cost-effective, evidence-based local laws with a success rate of over 90%. Download the manual below or order a hard-copy from our catalog.

Download a copy of the No-Blame Problem Solving Guide.

Online Power Civics

You can train to become a No-Blame problem solver in your community by watching these 10 short videos.