You can train to become a No-Blame problem solver in your community by watching these short videos.

Citizen Power in the 21st Century

The Power of No-blame Problem Solving

Part 1 – Steps 1-3

Part 2 – Steps 4-8

Part 3 – Steps 9-10


Media Literacy and the Search for Solutions


The Four Power Centers – Prime Decision-Making Arenas of Local Government

Power Centers – Part 1 – The Local Governing Body (Mayor and Council)
& The School Board

Power Centers – Part 2 – The Planning Board & The Local Political Party


Powerful Roles for Citizen Problem Solvers

Powerful Roles – Part 1 – Serving as a Civic Trustee & Serving as a Solutions Advocate

Powerful Roles – Part 2 – Serving in an Appointed Government Office & Serving as a Neighborhood Political Party Representative