Solutions Civics

We teach our high school students to drive cars, but leave them clueless about how to drive their government.

When students complete Solutions Civics, they will have a clue—gaining familiarity with the power levers of government in their own community and a no-blame approach they can use to drive the government decision-making process.

And in our experience, some will leave with something even better than that– a sense of purpose and a belief in their own power to make a difference.

Solutions Civics introduces high school students to the information and skills they need to be effective citizens and emerging leaders in their own community—to learn how to leave their city better than they found it.

For interested students, it provides accessible entry level public service opportunities—ones that they can immediately seize without having to run for public office – ones that prepare them to participate in politics and government at the state and national level in the future.

Solutions Civics introduces high school students to effective and proactive citizenship that fosters informed participation in government decision-making-rather than more passive spectator forms of civics.

It can be effectively delivered in a 10 class component that fits within mandatory junior year social studies/American history courses.

Just like we teach drivers education, we must teach this new generation how to drive their government.

This web page provides the materials and videos that will help you become familiar with Solutions Civics. If you are interested in teaching it or proposing that it be taught in your hometown school district, please contact ellen @