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Municipalities can establish auxiliary police forces comprised of volunteer citizens that will be trained to perform tasks in conjunction with the police department. This will increase the visibility of the police force, which can result in a decrease in crime. Also, the municipality can save money on overtime pay by utilizing the Auxiliary police force at certain events for security instead of paying officers to be there. Since the Auxiliary police will be comprised of local citizens, a stronger connection between the police department and the local community can be built, leading to a more cooperative relationship.

How to create an Auxiliary Police Force in your city:

Step 1: LEARN. Watch our Citizen Legislator video.

Step 2: PREPARE. Get ready for your presentation by downloading our Auxiliary Police Presentation Kit, which includes a sample OPRA Request, sample Presentation Statement, and an Advisory Policy Memo. And make sure to reach out and build support through friends, family, social media, and local media! Download and share the image.

Step 3: PRESENT. Download the Model Ordinance, and Urban Auxiliary Police Operations Manual and make an official presentation to your local governing body.

Step 4: FOLLOW UP! Officials have a lot on their plates, so it’s up to you to follow-up and make sure your proposal doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! Attend council meetings, email, and call officials if you don’t get an adequate response (but always be respectful!). And if you continue to hit roadblocks? Request a coach from The Citizens Campaign to help you out.