Level up your citizen power with 1Huddle

1Huddle and The Citizens Campaign are partnering to create training games for citizen leadership skills

It’s not easy to learn how every part of local government works, or how to develop a new policy. Take the online Citizen Leadership Training course, and you will get the basic skills and know-how to get started, with a leadership training manual to refer to as you practice our proven No-Blame Problem Solving method.  

Now, thanks to Newark-based tech startup 1Huddle, you’ll also be able to level up your Citizen Power by playing fun, simple games. 1Huddle is changing the way organizations train their employees. They’ve found that people learn up to 45% more from playing training games than they do from just watching videos alone – and they have more fun doing it. 

1Huddle has helped to train workers at more than 70 companies, including Madison Square Garden and even the US Air Force. They’ve also donated the use of their platform to nonprofits in their home city of Newark, in order to give back to their community. They’ve even created games to help unemployed people prepare for job interviews and gain new skills. 

In today’s job market, “upskilling” can make you a more attractive candidate and a more valuable addition to a team. The partnership between 1Huddle and The Citizens Campaign opens up new possibilities for civic upskilling, to make us more powerful citizen problem solvers.