Power Civics© for High School

Power Civics© for High School teaches students to become No-Blame Problem Solvers and Citizen Leaders via a 10-class hour teaching toolkit that includes an exciting hands-on project. It fits into mandatory American History/Social Studies courses, but can be used across many disciplines, so that all high school students can have the opportunity to learn the full extent of their citizen powers. 

Power Civics© was developed in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, and has been lauded by educational experts around the Country.  Student evaluations demonstrate a marked increase in leadership aspirations.

High School Toolkit

Everything teachers need to empower their students is in the Power Civics Toolkit, High School Edition, including the essential how-to citizens’ leadership manual, Citizen Power, published by Rutgers University Press.

Toolkits can be viewed by teachers and purchased as part of a Power Civics sponsorship for your school.