Our mission: To heal our American community with a No-Blame approach and a focus on pragmatic problem solving.

There’s no cost and no required meetings in the Citizen Service, but lots of benefits. Here’s just a few:

  • Access to a powerful community of principled leaders with shared values
  • The opportunity to serve with a local Civic Trust, using the 10-Step No-Blame Problem Solving Approach to advance solutions for your city
  • Admission to an Online Civic Trust for those who don’t live near an active Civic Trust, for advice on citizen leadership roles you may be interested in, and support in advancing your chosen solution
  • Access to the National Solutions Sharing Platform, a menu of successful solutions for you to use, and the opportunity to add your own solution so that others can propose it for national impact
  • Advice from the experts on our Law and Policy Task Force on adapting and presenting a solution for use in your city
  • Access to new Citizen Power Tools, like our upcoming online Citizen Power game
  • Admission to the annual national celebration of service