Our Mission

The mission of The Citizens Campaign is to educate all Americans to the fullness of their political power and to introduce them to the shared experience of public service performed by participating in No-Blame Problem Solving of public issues.  We believe that this is the best way to expand our Country’s leadership and problem-solving capacity.  We also believe that fairness in public policy is best achieved when all citizens have the know-how to fully exercise their political power.  Finally, we believe that policy solutions requiring long term implementation, such as those addressing climate change, cyber security, and pandemic prevention, are best achieved when there is a No-Blame, solution-focused political culture.

Who We Are

We are a community of practical problem solvers made up of volunteer government law and policy experts, civic leaders, civic-minded business people, high school and college students, teachers, veterans, and service-driven church members, dedicated to empowering our fellow Americans through citizen leadership training and the exposure to community based public service options that offer citizens the opportunity to exercise leadership without having to run for public office.

Our citizen leadership training tools, praised by nationally recognized civic leaders and educators, are now offered at high schools, colleges, and online for the general public.  And our highly regarded No-Blame Problem Solving tactics have resulted in citizens gaining adoption of hundreds of practical solutions with a success rate of over ninety percent.

Founded and led by volunteer law and policy expert Harry Pozycki over 20 years ago, The Citizens Campaign has trained and supported citizens who pledged to leave their communities and our Country better than they found them by pursuing evidence based, cost effective solutions instead of pointing fingers and assigning blame.  Their successes, now shared with communities across America, include, among others, significant cost reductions in government operations, climate change adaptation initiatives, improvements in police-community relations, and effective student conduct policies.

A Sampling of Our Citizen Empowerment Tools

CITIZEN POWER – a citizen leadership manual, written by Harry Pozycki and published by Rutgers University Press.

POWER CIVICS – a comprehensive set of citizen leadership training tools (in both high school and college versions) praised by Rogers Smith, President of the American Political Science Association (2018 – 2019).

POWER CIVICS ONLINE – a citizen leadership training set of 10 video classes with downloadable notes.

CIVIC TRUSTS – non-partisan civic associations where citizens serving as Civic Trustees meet in monthly No-Blame Solution Sessions to leave their communities and Country better than they found them.

CITIZEN LEADERSHIP TRAINING BASES – community based, public service programs that combine undergraduate and continuing education leadership training with the offer of Civic Trustee service in college based Civic Trusts.