Power Civics Overview

Power Civics, our college level curriculum component, combines the basic elements of Solutions Civics with more advanced guidance on how to devise and successfully implement a solution to a city issue. The Power Civics curriculum component includes a student service activity that asks students to plan, organize and host a community-wide forum that allows students to introduce and share information they’ve acquired in Power Civics training with others.

Online Power Civics was designed for use directly by the general public. It was developed by experienced practitioners in local government in partnership with professors who are experts in the emerging discipline of “beyond the ballot” civic engagement, The Citizens Campaign’s Online Power Civics provides citizens with the tools to become active and informed participants in government problem solving and decision-making.

Online Power Civics teaches citizens:

  • How to use technology to find proven solutions
  • How to access information about current government policy
  • How to craft cost effective, evidence-based solutions
  • How to use a No-Blame strategy to keep the focus on the solution
  • How to use citizens’ legal rights to advance solutions before local government decision-making bodies
  • How to maintain a respectful, ongoing pursuit of progress toward the adoption of solutions
  • How to engage in public service without having to run for public office

Power Civics Toolkit

Download a copy of the Power Civics Toolkit

Citizen Power & The Art of No-Blame Problem Solving

Citizen Power & The Art of No-Blame Problem Solving provides basic training in the use of 21st century citizen powers. This 21st Century Citizens Manual contains a proven step-by-step guide for No-Blame problem solving that incorporates the strategies and tactics of highly successful practitioners who have navigated the maze of city and school district government. Citizens who have used this guide have passed over 300 cost-effective, evidence-based local laws with a success rate of over 90%. Download the manual below or order a hard-copy from our catalogue.

Download a copy of the No-Blame Problem Solving Guide.

Online Power Civics

You can train to become a No-Blame problem solver in your community by watching the 10 short videos that make up the core of Online Power Civics. Watch the videos in conjunction with the book Citizen Power & The Art of No-Blame Problem Solving (downloadable here) or order a hard-copy through our catalog,

Let us know that you’ve become a No-Blame Problem Solver by completing our Online Power Civics training and committing to use your training under the principles of The Civic Pledge:

  • I pledge to leave my community and my country better than I found them.
  • To search for solutions instead of simply pointing out problems and assigning blame
  • To work on solutions that are “doable”- that are Cost Effective and based on Evidence of Success

I took The Civic Pledge!

Menu of Solutions

Click on the link to access our Menu of Solutions listing, with resources, of solutions that regular citizens have passed to better their communities.