Civic Cities

A Civic City offers basic training in No-Blame problem solving for all its citizens and, for those who have the time and inclination, the opportunity to serve as Civic Trustees working together in a non-partisan, No-Blame environment to find proven urban solutions that benefit their city.

Civic Cities produce a pipeline of principled leaders and practical solutions and host an attractive climate for economic development. And importantly, when Civic Trustees share their solutions with other cities, they can have national impact.

And at a time when citizens are losing faith in government at the national level, Civic Cities offer a powerful way for citizens to come together and drive government from the bottom up.

We’re building Civic Cities across the nation – cities which provide the following:

Basic Training

  • Solutions Civics – teaches No-Blame problem solving of government issues to high school students
  • Power Civics – an advanced form of Solutions Civics for college students
  • Power Civics Online – 10 video classes for the general public

An Opportunity for Public Service

Civic Trusts present an opportunity for citizens to gather in a No-Blame environment to research and advance practical solutions to better their communities and their country. Civic Trustees meet in monthly No-Blame problem solving sessions, searching the nation to identify successful solutions and adapt them for adoption in their own cities.

These components are now in place in Newark, NJ, where Mayor Ras Baraka has made civic empowerment a cornerstone of his administration.

Newark, The 1st Civic City, is a vibrant civic community.

Solutions Civics is incorporated in the curriculum for all Newark public high school students; Power Civics is available to all Newark residents through community forums promoted by the mayor and via online video classes, and is being taught in two courses at Rutgers University-Newark; the Newark Civic Trust, comprised of 24 residents committed to a year of service to their City, meets monthly to identify successful solutions to “leave their city better than they found it.” And finally, Mayor Baraka’s commitment to empowering all city residents to participate constructively in city government is a critical element in the creation of Newark, The Civic City.

Newark, The Civic City, is a model that can be adapted to any city in the Nation.