Forum: Re-Igniting America’s Culture of Service

On October 26, a group of thought leaders and democracy supporters gathered in Newark at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for a forum and conversation on “Re-igniting America’s Culture of Service.”

A compelling panel presentation and discussion including the Citizen Campaign’s new co-chairs Pamela Scott Johnson, Spelman College provost and Super Bowl Champion, Bart Oats, and dynamic educator, Diane Hill, assistant chancellor at Rutgers Newark.

Check back soon for a full recording!

Forum panelists from left: Pamela Scott-Johnson, Spelman College provost; Diane Hill, assistant chancellor Rutgers-Newark; Harry Pozycki, founder Citizens Campaign, Samantha Castro, chair Perth Amboy Citizen’s Public Safety Advisory Board;
Bart Oates, 3-time Super Bowl champion

Diane charted the explosive growth of Newark the Civic City and pointed out that Newark now has the potential to become a city of empowered citizens with training in Citizen Leadership and No Blame Problem Solving, not only at Rutgers University to its students but to its employees and the general public. Several corporations have joined in offering the training to their employees. The Newark School District will begin on February 1 to offer it again to all of their students.

This exciting growth of civic infrastructure in Newark is generating both a challenge and a model for other cities across the country.