Governor Christie Todd Whitman Takes The Civic Pledge


Governor Christine Todd-Whitman took The Citizens Campaign’s Civic Pledge at her home last week, adding to the growing list of Pledge takers who want to leave their country and community better than they found them. The former Governor asked all New Jerseyans to join her in forging a path to fixing broken government and pledging to adhere to principles that are based on unselfish service, mutual respect, and civility. Whitman joins former Governors Tom Kean and Jim Florio in committing to these principles.

Upon taking the pledge, Governor Whitman said, “It’s important that everyone send this message to their elected officials and it’s important that everyone in the State of New Jersey steps up and takes the Pledge to say that they are going to leave the country and their community better than they found them. I’m proud to take the Pledge and I hope it will make other people think about this and their role.”

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Take a moment to see Governor Whitman share why the Pledge is meaningful to her: