Perth Amboy Civic Trust, Frontline Youth and The Citizens’ Campaign Tout the Passage of the Citizen’s Public Safety Advisory Board

The Citizen’s Public Safety Advisory Board is designed to build mutual respect between the police and the community by ensuring de-escalation training and other de-escalation policies are brought to the attention of the City’s leadership.  Evidence shows that its establishment will help to reduce avoidable incidents and injuries for Perth Amboy residents and police officers alike  It was developed by the Perth Amboy Civic Trust and the Frontline Youth, working in partnership with the Perth Amboy Police Department and the City Council, and with assistance from The Citizens Campaign Law and Policy Task Force.

This new Advisory Board will  recommend to the Mayor, City Administrator and Police Director evidence-based policies that have been proven to be successful in similar cities that improve new recruit screening, training, reporting and any other actions or practices that enhance de-escalation and the continuing improvement of the Department’s “guardian” culture; conduct public hearings to receive evidence-based, best practice input from individuals, including police officers; and review an annual de-escalation performance audit that shall be provided by the Perth Amboy Police Department to report progress on any policies or practices adopted, or actions taken to improve the de-escalation capabilities and performance of the Department.

The 7-member Advisory Board will be appointed by the city council. It will include 3 youth members (2 that are twenty-one to thirty years old and 1 that is sixteen to twenty years old) and 2 police officers recommended by the police chief who will ex-officio.

“I commend Council President Petrick and the members of the City Council for adopting the ordinance establishing The Citizens Public Safety Advisory Board,” said Harry Pozycki, Perth Amboy Civic Trustee and Founder of The Citizens Campaign.  This evidence-based solution, developed by the Perth Amboy Civic Trust in partnership with city officials and the leadership of the Front-Line Youth will enhance relations among the police, our youth and the community at large.  Moreover, it will ensure a continuing commitment to improving the Police Department’s de-escalation policies and practices and put Perth Amboy’s Department at the forefront of modern policing.”

“This ordinance will directly improve and impact the lives of all Perth Amboy residents by allowing youth leaders, along with veteran leaders, to actively engage in the fostering of a relationship of mutual respect between the Perth Amboy Police and the community,” said Samantha Castro, Leader of the Frontline, which organized a peaceful protest of over 1,000 Perth Amboy residents. “It allows all Perth Amboy citizens to be heard, understood, and above all be safe.”