Governors Tom Kean and Jim Florio, and civic rights leader Edith Savage-Jennings became the most recent high-profile Civic Pledge takers at Liberty House in Jersey City on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The event was widely attended by supporters of The Citizens Campaign.

Governor Tom Kean said, “To repair our democracy and restore the fraying connection between the public and our government, citizens must realize their full power to fix our government. The Civic Challenge provides them with the road map to doing so. Jim Florio and I urge all New Jersey citizens to join us and take the Civic Pledge today.  It is the first and most important step toward restoring a healthy democracy.”

Governor Jim Florio said, “It’s time to move beyond our frustrations and join this principled movement.  Governor Kean and I are here together because we know that an engaged and problem-solving citizenry is the key to fixing our broken system.  Join us today in taking the Civic Pledge.  We can all answer the Civic Challenge and make New Jersey the lead state in this movement to restore sanity to our politics and government.”

The following are scenes from the event.

(Special thanks to Jeff Stewart for capturing the event!)