Plainfield Civic Trustees recently met with Interim Superintendent of Schools Ronald E. Bolandi to propose that Plainfield teach Solutions Civics to its high school juniors. The Superintendent offered his endorsement and committed to move for implementation.

Solutions Civics is a 10 class curriculum component that teaches students how to become informed participants in the governing of their local community. It introduces high school students to the information and skills they need to be effective citizens and emerging leaders in their own community—to learn how to leave their city better than they found it. And for interested students, it provides accessible entry level public service opportunities—ones that they can immediately seize without having to run for public office –and ones that prepare them to participate in politics and government at the state and national level in the future.

The Plainfield Civic Trust continues to grow with terrific attendance at its most recent meeting. The Trustees are now following-up with all the key decision-makers to expedite the implementation of Solutions Civics for Plainfield High School Students.