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Engage the community to solve COVID-19 challenges

Harry Pozycki | My Central Jersey

As we move into the next phase of the battle to defeat COVID-19 and reclaim our public lives, we need to mount bottom-up plans of action. We must draw on our community spirit and our community resources and, most importantly, our local knowledge in navigating the complicated path forward when we replace short-term sheltering-in-place with […]


Trenton School District to Give High School Students Citizen Leadership Training

Trenton Civic Trust and The Citizens Campaign Partner with Trenton Public School District The Trenton Civic Trust heralded the Trenton Public School Board’s decision to forge a partnership, incorporating “Leadership and No-Blame Problem Solving,” an innovative curriculum component developed by The Citizens Campaign, in its high school history and social studies course.  The Trenton Board […]

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Event: Building Power Beyond the Ballot at Minority-Serving Institutions

The Citizens Campaign and the Rutgers Center for Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) co-hosted a webinar on “Training Citizen Leaders at MSIs: Building Power Beyond the Ballot.” MSIs – whether they are HBCUs, land-grant institutions, anchor institutions, or community colleges – are on a special mission to empower their students and expand their sense of their own […]

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Harry Pozycki: Don’t gut the Open Public Records Act

In an op-ed published by the Bergen Record, Harry Pozycki suggests improvements to Governor Murphy’s proposal to gut the state’s Open Public Records Act. Harry and The Citizens Campaign played a key role in passing OPRA in 2001. Thanks to this “Sunshine Law,” NJ residents can now find out details of their cities’ current policies, […]

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