National Solutions Sharing Platform

With today’s technological ability to share, citizens can advance city-based solutions for significant national impact.

On the National Solutions Sharing Platform, we share solutions that are in line with the three “principles of pragmatism” that are set forth in the Citizen Service Pledge – that the solutions be: (1) based on evidence of success; (2) budget-neutral or better; and (3) beneficial to the community as a whole, i.e., not special interests.

Our Law and Policy Task Force of successful practitioners of local government, volunteers its expert advice to Civic Trustees who research for and advance solutions that meet these pragmatic criteria.

The solutions described on this platform and others that Civic Trustees, with the help of the Law and Policy Task Force, bring to adoption in their hometowns can have significant national impact as Civic Trustees share them across the country.

Here are just 3 examples of Civic Trustee-supported solutions:

  • “Beat Covid” policy to prevent infections in economically challenged, high-risk urban areas;
  • “Culture Change” policing reform that incentivizes de-escalation practices from hiring to officer promotions;
  • “City-Based Climate Change” practices that use consumer power to reduce carbon emissions.

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