National Solutions Sharing Platform

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Public Safety

Government Innovation


  • Citywide “carbon free” energy purchased in bulk:

    Help reduce the negative impacts of climate change and improve the quality of the air you breathe by having your city purchase electricity in bulk for its residents and participating businesses that is generated from carbon free energy

  • Storm Protection Planning Board Resolution:

    Recommend steps be taken to better plan for more intense storms and flooding, to effectively reduce the impact of such events in your community

  • Tree Fund:

    Establish a voluntary Tree Fund people can donate to that will go towards strategically planting more storm resilient trees in city parks and along the waterfront

  • Green Roofs:

    Help reduce storm water pollution and flooding by establishing “green roof” zoning requirements

  • Permeable Driveways:

    Create a site-plan requirement that minimizes off-site drainage, and is incentivized by an optional coverage bonus


Economic Development & The Arts

  • Supportive Housing Solution:

    Address chronic homelessness with the purchase of motels to be turned into permanent supportive housing

  • Abandoned and Vacant Property Maintenance:

    List and register abandoned and vacant properties and require owners to pay a registration fee to motivate owners to properly maintain, or restore and reuse the properties

  • Municipal Arts Council:

    Establish a volunteer committee to support the arts in your city and seek grant opportunities

  • Mural Ordinance:

    Promote and foster cultural expression in your city and connect people through public art

Citizen Empowerment