Municipalities can help residents’ practice COVID-19 infection prevention protocols by providing individuals and businesses throughout the city with guides to standard prevention practices that use a consistent message. Having standard practices that every resident can identify, understand and apply, enhances security measures for reopening our cities and expands the opportunities to BEAT COVID. With the help of Civic Trustees, health experts, and government officials, The Citizens Campaign developed infection prevention protocols for COVID-19 that are listed by daily activities.









Going to the Grocery or Pharmacy


Receiving Take-Out Food


Going Out to Eat




Self Isolation Quarantine


When Having Symptoms


Getting the Mail


Retail Store Business Practices


Taking the Train Carpool or Mass Transit




Going to the Grocery or Pharmacy:


* Wear a face mask


* Wipe down shopping cart handles with disinfectant wipes before you start shopping


* Stay 6 ft (2 arms lengths) away from others


* Use a hand sanitizer (60% alcohol)to wipe your hands as soon as you leave the store


* Wash hands with soap & water for 20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song twice) as soon as you get home


* Order, pay, and call ahead before you pick up your prescriptions






Receiving Take-Out Food:


* Pay for your order in advance and arrange for food to be left outside your door


* Remove items from outer packaging and dispose of packaging


* Wipe/disinfect any aluminum, plastic or cardboard food containers before placing on a clean surface


* Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after bringing food in






Going Out to Eat


* Use your bathroom at home just before you leave (Avoid risks of Public Restrooms)


* Wear a Mask


* Stay 6 ft apart from others


* Don’t stand where people are congregating, for example at the Entrance or at the Bar








* Wear a mask


* Stay 6 ft apart from others


* Disinfect door handles (house & car)


* Wash your hands with soap & water for 20 seconds when you enter your home






Self Isolation Quarantine:


If you have been in contact with an infected person and live in close quarters that do not have separate areas in which to isolate:



* Wear face coverings on nose and mouth when near others


* Maintain as much physical distance as possible; avoid hugging, kissing, or sharing food or drinks


* Use disposable plates and utensils


* Clean all surfaces and handles after every use with soap and water or disinfectant






When Having Symptoms:


* Cough


* Fever


* Chills


* Muscle pain


* Sore throat


* Loss of taste or smell


* And especially, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing



If you or anyone in your household feels sick with these symptoms, Stay home and call your doctor to seek a video conference






Getting the Mail:


After collecting mail from your mailbox, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. The majority of


transmissions is person- to-person through airborne droplets, but the virus may be contractible through contaminated surfaces such as packaging. It’s duration of life


on certain surfaces are:




* Several hours to 1 day on fabric, paper, cardboard & wood


* 2-3 days on plastic and metal unless decontaminated






Retail Store Business Practices:


* Provide disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) at the entrance to the store and at different locations within the store, if possible, along with a no-touch


   trash receptacle for used wipes


* Have employees and customers wear cloth face coverings over nose and mouth when in the store


* Practice social distancing (6 ft) among customers and employees


* Provide curbside pick-up and delivery options if possible, for customers to limit personal contact.






Taking the Train, Carpool or Mass Transit:


* Wear a Mask


* Use hand sanitizer before and after


* When carpooling, open windows if possible







The tri-fold version of the infection prevention protocols listed by daily activities are available for


print for Civic Trust cities that are implementing city-wide communication practices for covid19.


Click on any of the links below to download and/or print.








English BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet

Spanish BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet






English BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet


Spanish BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet






English BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet


Spanish BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet






English BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet


Spanish BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet






English BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet


Spanish BEAT COVID Tri-fold Pamphlet