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The Power of No-Blame Problem Solving

Part 3

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II. Power of No-Blame Problem Solving

Part III: Respectful Presentation & Pursuit of your Solution (Steps 9-10)

See: Citizen Power, Chapter 5; review 10-step No-Blame Problem Solving Guide in Chapter 6

This video contains:

  1. A review and continuation of the 10-Step No-Blame Problem Solving Guide
Step 9: Presenting your solution – pointers about preparing and delivering your presentation, for example:
    1. Dress in business attire 
    2. Arrive early
    3. To command respect, give respect 
Step 10: Respectful pursuit – pointers about following up the presentation of the solution, for example:
    1. Follow up with further meetings/thank-you notes 
    2. Build support for your solution with your community 
    3. Be patient but persistent
Darren “Freedom” Green, Civic Trustee, addresses a high school class studying Power Civics

Download the full 10-Step Guide to No-Blame Problem Solving