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The Four Power Centers – Prime Decision-Making Arenas of Local Government

Power Centers – Part 1 – The Local Governing Body (Mayor and Council) & the School Board

Video Overview

III. Power Centers

Part I: The Local Governing Body (Mayor & Council) & the School Board

See: Citizen Power, Chapter 1

This video contains information about the local governing body and the school board

  1. The local governing and legislative body: mayor, city council, and/or county executive or county council
    • Mayors
    • Council Elections & Votes
    • Participating in a Meeting: Finding out your community’s rules for when, where, and how the public can participate from the town or city’s website, or through a Public Records Request
  2. The School Board 
    • The School Board manages public education from pre-K through 12th grade. School board members are appointed by the mayor in some larger cities, but are usually elected.
    • A Superintendent is appointed or hired to implement policies set by the board
    • If you want to attend or participate in a school board meeting, a public comment period is usually provided, and you can usually find out the rules for public participation on the school district or town website