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Powerful Roles for Citizen Problem Solvers

Powerful Roles – Part 2 – Serving in an Appointed Government Office & Serving as a Neighborhood Political Party Representative

Video Overview

VI. Powerful Roles

Part II: Serving in an Appointed Local Government Position & Serving as a Neighborhood Political Party Representative

See: Citizen Power, Chapter 8

This video contains information about:

  1. Appointed positions on government boards and commissions (like zoning, planning, environmental, recreation, arts, youth councils, etc.)
    • You can often get a directory of boards and commissions in your city from your city’s website or clerk.
    • Look on your city’s website for a schedule of the board’s meetings and attend regularly, to see if you’re interested in serving on the board and to introduce yourself.
    • You can also propose the creation of a new board or commission if your town doesn’t have one that addresses your issue. 
  2. Neighborhood political party representative, a.k.a. committeeman/-woman or district leader – often a readily accessible level of elected office in many communities

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