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Powerful Roles for Citizen Problem Solvers

Powerful Roles – Part 1 – Serving as a Civic Trustee & Serving as a Solutions Advocate

Video Overview

Powerful Roles

Part I: Serving as a Civic Trustee & Serving as a Solutions Advocate

See: Citizen Power, Chapter 8 & Chapter 9; see also Civic Trustee Handbook in appendix

This video contains information about:

  1. Serving as a Civic Trustee: Civic Trusts are groups of citizens who work together to advance solutions for their cities and towns in a non-partisan no-blame environment. Trustees take the Civic Pledge to leave their community and country better than they found them by offering practical, evidence-based solutions. 
  2. Serving as a Solutions Advocate: solutions advocates find and promote evidence-based, cost-effective, successful solutions to decision-makers and the general public. This can impact and elevate the political and governmental climate.
    • Solutions Advocates can use social media to raise awareness of issues 
    • They can bring research to the media to help cover an issue better. 
    • Solutions Advocates can work with Civic Trusts for greater impact.

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