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The Four Power Centers – Prime Decision-Making Arenas of Local Government

Power Centers – Part 2 – The Planning Board & The Local Political Party

Video Overview

III. Power Centers

Part II: The Planning Board & the Local Political Party

See: Citizen Power, Chapter 1

This video contains information about the planning board and local political parties

  1. The Planning Board (or Planning Commission)
    • The Planning Board makes decisions about the physical spaces in a community. It is usually composed of some elected and some appointed members.
    • The Planning board is responsible for generating and revising a master plan for the town/city
  2. Local Political Parties
    • Representatives are elected locally and control endorsements, candidacies, and (often) appointments to government positions
    • Party Committee Member is an easily accessible “entry level” for elected office
    • For information on local political parties in your community, visit the Association of Democratic Committees or the Republican State Leadership